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Cinder said:
Stacey - yes, they knew I was taking the picture. I had them turn around because we don't like to have our kids faces on-line. They are having great fun with them!
don't blame you

actually I think the picture looks better since it is from behind :D

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Suellen - my two goat kids are only five weeks old and still with their momma at the breeders. They come home here in three weeks!!! I can't wait.

Even when they get here they are going to be too little for some time to be on those specific spools. I'm afraid they would fall off and get hurt until they are closer to adult size. So, those spools are off limits for the goat kids for a while. I do have small spools that the goats will be able to get onto right away.

When I was at the breeders last week to see my girls they were jumping on and off their mommas back! It was so adorable and mom was so patient.
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