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I have two first freshening two year olds for sale. Pretty-Good Dram's Midian freshened 2/22/08, Pretty-Good Dream's Zipporah freshened 2/29/08. You can see both at my website:

Midian is black with many white spots, and tan trim. She has one solid ear, and one spotted. At 8 days fresh she gave me 1/2 gallon. She produced one buck kid this year- he was spotted just like her. He went to Illinois to a new herd sire job. Midian has a lovely global udder with nice fore. Her teats are a bit curved and she needs improvement in MSL. Midian is very affectionate and very pretty to look at. I am asking $300 for her.

Zipporah is black with tan trim and a couple small spots. (one on her mouth, the other is on her foot.) I haven't measured how much Zipporah gives, but right now she is giving as much as Midian, but that could change. They are both down in milk due to all the rain we've been getting, and I haven't had any alfalfa yet, they are not being pushed. Zipporah is very long and very sweet. She's my calmest goat and very quiet, and she passed it on. I have retained her daughter. Her daughter has her mother's best traits- very big ears and very quiet and sweet. Zip's kid was 12lbs when born and she did it all by herself- I hadn't got to the barn yet. Zipporah has a small extra teat that I never clipped. I am asking $200.

You can see all of the pictures on my website. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. I am located in Houston, MO. (that's south central.)

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