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We have 7 does that will be due to kid in April!

Super excited to see the first set of kids sired by our new buck, AYSG1 High Dive. The girls are starting to look round. All looked to have 2-3 on ultrasound except for Cookie who looked to have quads again馃槼

Goat Terrestrial animal Grass Goat-antelope Snout

Working animal Terrestrial animal Grass Snout Pack animal

Goat Livestock Terrestrial animal Grassland Grass
Vertebrate Green Plant Mammal Grass

Road surface Grass Asphalt Tints and shades Automotive tire

And here's the buck they are bred to
Hair Eye Vertebrate Plant Human body

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We are less than 40 days out from kidding now! The girls are looking round. Here are the first four due. Love, Queen, Crazy, and Party. Love is the only one I don't have Ean exact due date for as I never saw her in heat. But she looked about the same gestation as these other girls on ultrasound. Maybe a week earlier at most. Everyone is making good progress in the udder department lol.

Here's Love
Carnivore Terrestrial animal Gas Snout Tail

Eye Goat Terrestrial animal Snout Livestock




And Love, Queen, and Crazy this morning


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For a Ff shes got alot.going on in there! She a 2x2? So she could handle triplets! She looks good. Hopeing for an easy kidding and healthy wee ones! She is a very nice doe!
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