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Lets see, for the dairy goats its:

Raven: 2/10 by Thunder or 3/15 by Caesar
Caramel: 2/18
Kadi: 2/20
Molly: 2/22
Mary: 2/24
Muriel: 3/16
Hazel: 3/22
April: 3/22
Gertie: 4/04
Tillie: 4/07
Martha: 4/09
Joni: 4/10
Gabby: 4/11
Annie is the only one that still needs to be bred, and all of our Saanens aren't going to be bred this year.

I don't even know when my brother's does are due, some of them are HUGE!! :shock:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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