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Well, my MiniNubians are due to kid March-May. Here is the schedule (all counted to day 150):

Cookie (full Nubian) X Jasper (MiniNubian) - 3/20
Rosebud X Grant - 3/21
Molly X Jasper - 3/23
Montana X Star - 3/24
Daisy X Charlie - 3/24
Raisin X Grant - 3/24
Ivory X Star - 3/25
Misty X Star - 4/1
Arthur X Eureka - 4/8
Windy X Eureka - 4/10
Zephyr X Jasper - 5/25

I think that's all. We will be busy! I like having them all kid fairly close together as we bottlefeed the kids from day one and that means midnight feedings... I prefer to be up for a few nights and then be able to sleep, but if they are all spread out, I get so tired that I am no good for anything. :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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