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We still have a ton of does left to be bred. It really sucks when you don't have enough pens to separate everyone! The pen should be getting finished today, so the rest of the does might be getting put in with the buck.. but we will see. This should be an interesting kidding season. I have never kidded out on pasture before.

Sooo.. my dairy goats kidding schedule:

Harmony: 2/6/08 OR (most likely) 4/11/08
Miss Piggy: 3/22/08
Fern (who is not a dairy goat.. she is my only Kiko doe that I own): 3/20/08

My brother also has several dairy goats due to kid in March/April PROBABLY.. and I am pretty much the kidder/vet around here so I will be taking care of them too.
The rest of the does left to be bred are my parent's Kiko herd. This kidding season we will probably have over 75 babies!!!!! WHOA.
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