SQ injection sites and holding

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    I was diagnosed with a severe depressive disorder when I was a teenager but I refuse to take medication for it. They always ask me why but when you have a ton of critters and young kids to do unbelievably hilarious stuff every day. Who needs meds
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    Jan 31, 2010

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    Okay today went like 1000 times better. However we took a whole new approach. I gave only b complex today and of coarse santanas penicillin. Today we plopped every bodies big ol but ts up on top of a rabbit hutch that is around 3' high. Nobody moved. Everybody stood perfectly still. My husband stood at their hip while I stood at their shoulder and gave the injection. So, I now have plans to build a tall stand with a ramp so they can walk up instead of up picking them up. That worked a million times better. They were more worried about falling off then what I was doing.
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    You go girl! :thumbup:
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    Thats funny!!!:ROFL:
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    You may have already mentioned this, but why are you having to treat your whole herd with penicillin?
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    I'm only treating one doeling with penicillin
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    Jan 22, 2018
    I killed my herd Queen when she moved during an injection. I had pulled back... didn't hit blood... but she moved and she was on the upside of listeriosis from dog attack .... she jumped (early on she didn't notice the shots) and I didn't want to restick because I felt bad for the big pin cushion. She died in less than 1 min. It isn't a wives tale!
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    This is an old thread from 2014.
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    This is a old thread.

    I am sorry for your loss. :(

    If they jump around, always re-insert the needle in a different location and check again for blood.
    If it was penicillin you injected and it was in a vein, that will kill a goat immediately. :(

    What did you inject?

    Anaphylactic shock can also happen.
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    Mar 21, 2018
    I killed my female tonight giving her an injection. I am sure I had it right but she fought and jerked so much it must have gotten repositioned. She too died in less than a minute. Definitely not an old wives tale. I feel terrible about it.
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