Starter herd offered for sale - SE Ohio

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    Oct 9, 2007
    Our hay is running low and sources are scarce so I'm forced to put several fulblood and percentage Boer goats up for sale. All goats, except new kids, are currently ABGA registered, all are very friendly and have had good care. See our website for photos.

    BUCK (Sells ONLY if all sold together as a package)
    GTO - Fullblood traditional yearling. Settled every doe bred to him last fall. Easy to handle, friendly. Has a good pedigree, pics and detailed info on our website. $500.

    1. Jamee - 4 year old 100% Boer, tested CL & CAE neg. Kidded 2/4/08. Correct teated. Kid sold separately as a wether. $225.

    2. Miracle - Yearling, 88%. Bred to above FB buck and due to kid April 16. Very pretty traditional, correct teated. I never thought I'd give her up. Dam was tested CL neg. $200.

    3. Dosey - 2 year old, 75%. Bred to above FB buck and due to kid in April 16. Sweet girl, correct teated.. Had a very nice twin bucklings last year. Dam was tested CL neg. $175

    4. Buttercup - Yearling (maternal sister of Dosey), 75%. Bred to above FB buck and due to kid in April 14. Very lovable girl!! CL tested neg. $175

    5. Jubilee - Yearling, 50% (Nubian/Boer). Just kidded 2/24/08 buck and doe kids. Gorgeous doe, beautiful udder. Sells with kids. Dam was tested CL neg. $150.

    Will sell all goats together for $1,325.
    Also have Goat Worker by Billy Goat Gruff for sale, (pics on website) $850. or $2100. with all the above goats.
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