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Starting over - what registration to look for?

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We are beginning Goat farmers and had a bad experience with Johne's disesase a few months ago. One of the two starter yearling does we purchased tested positive for Johne's. We had only had them both about 1 month. Anyway, we decided to cull both of them and start again. Lesson learned - only buy from farms that test for both CAE and Johne's on a yearly basis. I'm no longer shy about asking and demanding to see the results.

Anyway, since we're starting over - what registration should we look for? We've learned that there are AGA, ADGA and NDGA. It seems that ADGA and AGA are more respected. Is AGA as good as ADGA? Can I get ADGA registration if I have a registered AGA animal? Is registration that important if I want to sell the kids?

Since we've got a second chance, we want to get it right this time - both health wise and registration wise.
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Sorry for the bad experience so far.....

I can't answer you questions about registrations, but here's a discussion thread about Johnes that I think you should read before jumping into new goats...
ags and adga will interchange registries with each other ndga will register from adga or ags. idgr is the cheapest and will register noa nigerians and is the only registry that will. idgr will take adga and ags papers to register but adga and ags will not take idgr papers. adga is the most respected and has the most sanctioned shows at least in the northeast. however they can sometimes cop an attitude, so beware. so i guess if you want to show or sell show animals adga is your best bet. we double register ours with adga and ags. we also have started doing noa registrations with idgr for our grades. if you are just selling pets any registration will do. 4-h will also take idgr as well as adga and ags.
I agree with nchen7, you should check up on the info on the link about Johnes. :)

As for registration, whether you go with AGA or ADGA should I guess depend on what you plan on breeding or doing. I just got goats from someone that was originally in AGA but switched to AGS. I don't really know too much about AGS or AGA so I will be dual registering them with ADGA. I really like ADGA because they have some great options like being able to register online, search pedigrees, and in my area they are affiliated with all our dairy shows. I would say if your doing a lot with dairy breeding and want to show consider going with ADGA because they're the biggest and most popular but you can always have you goats dual registered. ADGA should accept registration and papers from another group as proof of the goats breeding. If you aren't interest in showing then AGS or AGA could probably work. I would do a lot of research on either though, just to make sure it's a good fit for you. :)
I am a member of both AGS and ADGA. I prefer ADGA as they offer more and there aren't many AGS shows around anymore... So I won't be renewing my AGS membership this fall. Plus I have gotten into LaManchas and it's nice to use just one registry for both :)
Anyway, since we're starting over - what registration should we look for?
At this stage of the game, I wouldn't worry about registered goats. They will cost you more, and will still die if the circumstances are right. Get some knowledge and experience under your belt with grade goats so you don't take such a big hit if something happens. I would also read the thread on Johnes, do some very heavy research, talk to my vet, find a good veterinary teaching hospital and talk to them, and make sure I had taken care of the Johnes threat before I ever brought another goat on my property.
I would worry about any new goats getting Johne's from property contamination. But if that is not an issue and you're ready for new goats, then the biggest registry that gives you the most options is ADGA. That would be my choice.
I'm a member with AGS, ADGA and NDGA.... The main shows in my area are ADGA sanctioned so it's an option for those who buy kids from me if they want to show.
NDGA ia a Nigerian Dwarf ONLY registry, they do not register any other breed but those shows are normally in the south and west.
AGS is a good one as well, they recognize awards given by ADGA registered goats.

I hope that the situation you have had to endure is resolved and you don't have to deal with any more heart break :hug:
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