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We are beginning Goat farmers and had a bad experience with Johne's disesase a few months ago. One of the two starter yearling does we purchased tested positive for Johne's. We had only had them both about 1 month. Anyway, we decided to cull both of them and start again. Lesson learned - only buy from farms that test for both CAE and Johne's on a yearly basis. I'm no longer shy about asking and demanding to see the results.

Anyway, since we're starting over - what registration should we look for? We've learned that there are AGA, ADGA and NDGA. It seems that ADGA and AGA are more respected. Is AGA as good as ADGA? Can I get ADGA registration if I have a registered AGA animal? Is registration that important if I want to sell the kids?

Since we've got a second chance, we want to get it right this time - both health wise and registration wise.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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