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    Brag on how well you have done with your first Honey Hollow kids!!!

    For those of you that don't know this, Steph is new to the addiction of nigerians and welcomed triplet does born to Creekside Farms Miss Priss on Monday July 13th. Two weeks later and all are doing great!!! My little doe Penny is a chunker! She has surpassed her sisters Genevive and Miss Scarlet in weight by 1 pound.....each kid was just over 3 pounds at birth.....and now Penny is 8 pounds! The excellent care that mama Prissy is getting has allowed her babies to more than double their birth weights.

    Now, we are waiting impatiently for Mandy to kid....due any time now, go squeeze her Steph!

    Congrats on the beginners luck of starting your little herd off with the births of does!
    And TY for being a great friend :hug: