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    Feb 28, 2018
    cape breton, ns
    I have a 5 ( 6 this year) year old pygmy wether. if every goat was like him I'd have 40. he' amazing. But in the mornings after laying down for awhile his left front leg is sore. he limps, and holds it up, it takes him about 10 mins to stretch it out. then he' is good for the day. but it' every morning. I do help him by rubbing and massaging it. is there something I can give him? or do for him? other than what iam doing?

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    Mar 23, 2012
    I would get him checked out by your vet, just to be sure it isn’t something too serious. Otherwise, I use a nice herbal mix for arthritis for my doe, and it seems to help her. I hope this helps!
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    Give him a chewable flavored baby asprin. It might help with the pain and swelling. Bute---Antiinflammatory used for pain especially in joints and muscles. Needs an RX Dose---4.5-10mg/lb qd
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    A vet should check him out.

    Are you sure he wasn't injured?
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    cape breton, ns
    he would have to get out and do something to get injured...haha.
    I have one that leaps over everything..climbs walls..etc.if anybody ..if it was her ..I'd say injured.

    but thanks for advice.
    I'll get him checked out.
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