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still small

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We bought a Nubian doe in late August sight unseen from a breeder we had gotten our other goats from. She was kidded in March and was extremely small and unhealthy looking. She has beautiful markings. The breeder called me a week before we picked her up and said she has started losing weight and looking sickly. We took her home and I took her to the vet the very next day. He gave her CDT, Bose, and treated her for coccidiosis. Her coat was rough and wavy. She completed her treatment and her quarantine and has gained lots of weight. Her coat looks better, but she is still so small and short compared to the other goats her age. Will she always be small because of her illness or am I not doing something I should? The first picture is the day we got her. The second picture is 2 months later. The buckling next to her is 2 months younger than her.


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Oh is she pretty!
What has she been eating? Do you know her weight gains?
She's only what, 4mos? Give her some time, she might be from slower growing lines.
No she was kidded in early March, that puts her like 6 months in the picture. She is as sweet as can be. She weighed only 20 lbs when I took her to the vet in August at 4 months. I know she has gained a lot, she is starting to get a little belly on her now, but really not much taller. I do not have a way to weigh her here. She is very social and I keep her with the other does, the buckling in the picture has been sold. We have 2 does that were first fresheners last year, 1 doeling that is 7 months old and Marie-in the pictures who is 7 1/2 months old. They get fed a mixture of Noble Goat, Oats, and cracked corn-approximately 1 scoop of each per goat daily plus alfalfa hay. She is so short my husband is afraid she is a mini Nubian. She has registration paperwork they gave me with her, but I have not sent it in yet.
Sound like decent enough feed. The alfalfa should be the mainstay. Any loose minerals? But even with doing everything right, it can take a long time for a kid to rebound. Give it a year if you are invested in the goat and see how she turns out. Absolutely do not breed her until next fall. There is a chance she will just not grow also.
If all of your does are the size of the doe in the picture, there is no way she can compete with them for the grain because of her size. I would suggest you separate her so she is assured to get her share of the grain and can eat in peace.
There is this formula using a tape measure and it will give you a some what idea of how big she is. I don't think it would be 100% right on but if you measure say today then again in a few weeks you should be able to see how she is growing. Also seeing her every day does not help she is going to look like a baby in your eyes. What about copper bolus??? Any sign she is copper def. I also turn to calf manna with anyone that needs help on fatness or growing.
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