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    Have you thought about plumbing the hole and putting in a pitcher pump?
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    I'm going to start a new thread in the dog forum because there are many things to do now, starting with Luka's MDR1 testing.

    I plan to add a male German Shepherd next year after sibling syndrome won't happen.
    Yeah, I know I've always wanted a doberman but, I used to breed German shepherds and know them very well

    The anarchist groups here are loudly destructive, drive through here between Portland and Eugene, and are scary when they catch you working on the front fence. They really don't care who is president, they want a complete reset back to the tribal system. Everyone screams that's the left, that's the right, NO, just no. They don't belong to anyone and they have wormed their way into everything since about 2007.
    Anyway, I have 7 dogs right now. I'm guessing that by the end of this year I will have 4. By the end of the next year I will have 3.

    Olivia, Fila Brasileiro, almost 12. She's the last one left in her litter.

    Shatzi, the little black dog above, is 18 and suffering from cognitive disease. He used to love squirrel hunting and would run for the squirrel as soon as the gun went off.

    Kayla, the little terrier above is 16 and has glaucoma. When her first eye went we were able to swing the 1800 dollar surgery and she was still able to stand the anesthesia. This next one we will probably lose her. She was our primary rat killer.

    Sunny, my beautiful ❤ girl. She's going deaf and has a hard time finding me in the yard anymore. Unfortunately, she is coming up to the end of her rambling days .

    That leaves Tony, the Jack Russell mix, death on all things rodent. We think that he's @ 5.
    Teddy Kruger, completely worthless, but doesn't scream every time someone touches him anymore. Actually, he's doing okay and is trying really hard to be a farm dog after being used so badly. He's 8. He came from a rescue and given to the abuser. The rescue won't tell us anything more than his age...

    Anyway, so the pup is needed. Most property owners here have Rottweilers but I can't get along with the bullies very well. I know that they are awesome dogs. They're just not for me.

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    Dobermans make incredible farm dogs! They are loving and protective of their family. We had one named Cheeto (RIP brother) that everyone in the county loved so much! I can probably name 10 people that went and found a Doberman for their family. Now we have a new one though since Cheeto died about 2 years ago. His name is Booger. He is a little less friendly towards strangers but he loves his family. Very high energy!!!! Anyway so don’t be turned off of getting a Doberman. The red ones are sweeter then the other colors.
    IMG_4956.jpg IMG_4461.jpg
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    Wow, 12 is quite old for a Fila isn't it? Excited to see Luka's thread! So when you add a GSD you'll plan to breed him and Luka for GSD, Belgian M, Lab cross pups? Were you able to meet Luka's parents?
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    Yes, I did see them lol. Let's just say that I have some questions. Luka's mother is supposed to be Rottweiler/Lab but looks all the world like an Anatolian Shepherd.
    Dad is pure black and could have been BM, German Shepherd, or even Dutch Shepherd.

    I'll do DNA with her MDR1 testing.
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    Is MDR1 common in any of those breeds? I'm not too familiar with it. Interested to hear those DNA results! Do you have to do the hip testing thing too or is that less of any issue when they're crossed?
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    Multi Drug Resistance, yes it is common in all shepherd breeds. If they have it a simple dental procedure can kill them.
    The test that I'm looking at also tests for common drug allergies and things like hemophilia etc.
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    If I decided to breed her than I should get her hips tested. It's definitely not cheap though so I will need to weigh that. My whole life I've only ever seen one dog with acute hip dysplasia.
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    We raised GSD's years ago.. Back then they stood up on their back legs. Not al squatty like now. One German Shep. female my grandparents had got hip dysplasia. What a horrid disease. Sweet Cinders had to be put down at around 10 yrs. old. But, that was the only one and she was from a local breeder. The others never had a problem.

    Is there a genetic test for the hip dysplasia? Or just the x-ray?

    Disney has helped destroy so many dog breeds. Everyone in the late 1950's had to have a "Rin Tin Tin" dog. So they over bred the GSD's, then Lassie, Dalmations, Jack Russels, Goldens, etc.
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    Jun 18, 2011
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    All interesting! I thought MDR1 was solely a collie thing. Thanks for teaching!
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    Ugh, I want a doberman so bad! I think they are just the most elegant dogs. We have a lab mix who acts as our house guard dog and he's getting on toward 11 years old. Maybe after he goes we'll get a Doby. Any experience with differences between males and females? I think it would be a tough decision for which we would want to get.
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    Males are a bit easier. They settle down quicker.
    The real question is whether you want an American or European. The American is more squirrelly and doesn't handle new situations well. The European is much more likely to bite someone but does adapt better. Both are very intense dogs that need careful handling. They don't forgive mistakes.

    Here you can't touch one for less than $3000. That, plus I need a more adaptable dog that will be comfortable going rock hounding, gold panning, canoeing, etc. made me look for a less nervous puppy.

    I know that it can be done and I really love the breed. We'll see what happens in the next few years.
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    Dobermans are excellent!
    It comes down to the individual mostly! However, I do notice males are much goofier. Either way, they are Velcro dogs through and through. You cannot go wrong.

    We have both Euro and American dobermans, and Euros tend to have a higher prey drive. We have a direct Belarus European import, and she’s great. American dobermans tend to be more family friendly as a whole, as they’ve been bred further away from protection and more towards companion. We also have Euro/American crosses, and they’re great too.

    That being said, it comes down to training and socialization. If you don’t do either, then you’re going to have a rough time. They will outsmart you and test you to their heart’s content. They have high energy and need to have an outlet, or they can become destructive like any other working breed.

    They are such an excellent breed! Make sure to find a responsible breeder that does health testing - and I’m not just talking about your basic DNA testing.
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    Love dobermans, black and brown.
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    Yes, always find a good breeder. Find the one who breeds what you're looking for.
    The people I bought my dog from had OFA and Penn hip papers for the parents. Even if the breeding isn't pure, the breeders did their homework.

    The thing is that dealing with migrants. Mom could very well be a Mexican street dog and dad a Mexican wolf dog. Probably not but, still questions.

    Then there's this...

    Puppy I bought

    Same puppy exactly 3 weeks later lol. She's 10 weeks old lol
    20210101_162829.jpg 20210122_205052.jpg
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    Sooooooo cute! I bet she grows during naps like my poseidon ised too lol!
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    Aww... I wish they stayed little forever.
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