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This is Zip, she is Australian shepherd. She is super smart. I have really good commands on her. And she is showing tons of confidence around the sheep! I guess my question is, does anyone here have suggestions for books and or DVDs that I could/should buy to help fine tune her training? Thanks In Advance

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She is really a nice looking gal :)
There is a herding group on Yahoo called Sheepdog-L , check that out.
They can guide you from there and also recommend a clinic possibly in your area you might want to attend. Attending the clinics is great fun and you can certainly learn tons. Just remember , once you decide on "method" of training or should I say style of , stick with it. Go to as many clinics or just audit them without your dog and bring a notebook.
Walk away with what works for you and your dog.
Enjoy her , she is adorable :)
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