stooooopid ponies!

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    So, I have a small lil farm and I am limited on how many animals I can have. After all I don't want to be *that* lady with dozens of pets overrun with poo and no shelter! Anywho, I have 2 horses in the two stalls on the left end of my barn. So, right next to that is my boy's stall. Here I house my buck and 2 whethers. I came out tonight after visiting my daughter in the hospital and exchanging xmas gifts with the in-laws just to visit my horses and goaties...I don't see me horses in their pen....where are they...."maaaahhh mmmaaaahhhh" I'm coming I'm coming...where are the horses!? And I see it...the head of my mare hidding in the dark stall. I just barely see her white markings on her face. She's in the boy goat's stall! So is the gelding! Those lil buggers tore down the divider, had the goats scared into a a little stack in the corner, and for what!?!? To eat some straw!!! :GAAH: :angry: :veryangry: :mecry: Boy did I run through the emotions! And then, of course, I'm out there screaming at the top of my lungs "darn horses! why! it's straw! basically nutritionless wheat stalks! you're fat already from being fed ALL the time! and why'd you have to scare them into the corner!!" All the while I am repairing the damage and reinforcing the devider so they *hopefully* can't do it again.

    Ugh...I was so angry...I feel better now though :roll: :lol: Stoooopid Ponies!
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    yum straw!!!


    that would get me very frustrated!

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    Ah yes, straw...yuu---uummmm. lol :ROFL:

    I swear...I am going to order some grass hay to keep them busy when I cannot be home. :hair: If I give them anymore alfalfa they'll start to look like Violet just before the Umpa Lumpas rolled her away. :doh: :slapfloor:

    Wait...maybe I'll just order more straw...nah their bellies would get upset!...Maybe they deserve it for being such buttheads to my poor buck and no, I have to be nice to them. Darn! lol :angel2:

    My poor buck...he weighs a good 20 lbs more then the whethers and he ran in under my legs as soon as I opened the door to the stall. :roll: I did get a good smack on the horses butts to run them out though. :dance: They had that one coming. I have a soft spot for my stinky lil feller, he's really a doll. :love:
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    oh the stinkers!!

    I wouldn't feed them the alfalfa is they are getting that fat on it. My horse gets fat just on grass hay so I wouldnt even want to try alfalfa!
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    Oh wow....they were little stinkers.... :greengrin:
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    Straw, something about the stuff that they like. My goats will jump in the wheelbarrow when I am trying to clean their area .... then spend hours eating the straw like they never saw food in their life.
  7. Well, it sounds like they may have wanted some company too. You do know the history of the term "to get ones goat" it reminds me of that story to be honest.

    Back in the big ridding days. People would but goats in with their race horses or somewhat wild horses to help calm them. When a person wanted to upset that horse for a win or what have you they would take the horses goat and the horse would in turn have gone nuts trying to locate or want the goat back. Sounds to me like they just wanted to be closer. LOL

    Soulds like they did a good job in getting your goat though. hehe :slapfloor: :ROFL:
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    lol Thanks everyone for helping my laugh about this. :grouphug:

    For the longest time I fed a mix. Alfalfa has some major benefits and has taken some serious stabs lately by enthusiastic well-meaning but often poorly informed animal lovers. Truthfully it's a great hay, in MODERATION! But I had two old horses here and they needed the alfalfa. Because they were not making use of all of their feed they needed to be on something rich just to maintain their weight. But I order the best I can find out here - oddly enough, grown in Oregon. And the farm I order from requires a 2 ton minimum and all the same type. So...I couldn't fit 2 tons of alfalfa and 2 tons of timothy/alfalfa mix. For the older horse's sake I ordered the alfalfa. Now they have gone to their new adoptive homes and I still have about a ton of it left! I am definitely going back to the mix after this which is about 1/3 alfalfa. :doh:

    My horses get fat just looking at alfalfa. They also get colic by just looking at the sand...and I live in the desert! :hair:

    Oh, and I outsmarted them! I made the pen more secure and while I was at it I fixed their water heater in a way that they could no longer toss it out of their bucket as they do several times a day. Woohoo!!

    Goats have recovered. Not sure they were into the "companionship" the horses had to offer. Really, they were scared crazy! But it's hard to be 40-70 lbs locked in a 12 x 12 stall with two 1400 lb horses! :ROFL: