Such a BAD goat mommy!! :(

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by pennylullabelle, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. pennylullabelle

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    Okay, so I've been trying to work with my buck about him being so pushy. Just showing him who is in charge, not allowing him to jump on me, not rewarding bad behavior (like...if he shoves the whethers aside for cookies, I turn my back to him and give them to the whethers). Just this kind of stuff...I'm new to it, but I am taking from what I know about livestock behavior and flight or fight animals. he and I had a go at it because he was jumping in my wagon to get feed. It's usually cute and I don't mind but he was going for a fiber supplement for the horses and I got scared. In one fast instant he stuck his head in the bucket, I freaked and thought "No! That'll make you poop for hours!!" and I jabed the wagon back toward him to bump him out. I got him GOOD...way more good then I meant too and I bonked his head on the side of the bucket. He stumbled away, shook his head, came back at me sideways like he was gunna head butt me but I got down low and called him in to apologize. One of his scurs had a small seam of blood near the base. I could have cried I felt so bad!!!

    So...that's my bad goat mommy moment. I just needed to get it out... :dazed: :mecry:
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    Jun 21, 2008
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    Oh i'm sure he's just fine. :hug: Buck's are very tough and it looks like he needs to learn some manners anyway. :wink:

  3. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    oh dont worry -- I've had those moments and really they deserve it - nasty buggers :devilish:
  4. pennylullabelle

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    Oh I know he deserved it...he's the only one who is that pushy. Everyone else...I just clap my hands together and say "ah ah" and they will back off. They know mom is Busy and now isn't the time to demand cookies and scratches. But not the buck....noooo...he thinks he rules the joint. And he was an only goat in a family with kids before, so this is partially learned behavior from getting away with a lot. But each day instead of learning a little more, he gets worse and tries even harder to defy me! Although, I'll admit, he crowds the gate *less* and doesn't try to escape *as often*....nasty bugger is right!! :devilish:

    Oh, but I love him... :eek:hlala:

    Any idea on how to train him to come down a few notches?
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    They make me so angry when they have their "greedy" moments. That's my one pet peeve is when they do everything they can to push through the gate just to get to the food. A few of my bottle-raised kids are the worst for that. I got "punched" in the nose & the hoof slid down & hit my teeth the other day because one goat got so excited that her friend was getting a syringe of medication squirted into her mouth--they must have thought it was a bottle of milk even though they've been weaned since June! Luckily for me, they are only Nigerian Dwarf goats--I'd have a hard time with a larger breed.
    My herd buck is a brat too. I've found that's it much easier to go up over the gate to bring feed & water instead of opening it. My in-laws have chickens & a trough of chicken feed on the ground on one side of the gate so Diesel always tries to push past me to get to the feed. When I get out of his pen, he bashed his head multiple times into the gate thinking he can pop it open with his one horn. Those boys sure are strong!
  6. pelicanacresMN

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    You can try to get a squirt bottle & fill it with water. Whenever he tries does something naughty, yell & give him a squirt in the face. I should try that when the weather warms up in a few months with my buck.
    I love my buck too even though he is naughty. I keep changing my mind on whether to sell him or keep him. His type is gorgeous & he's been throwing beautiful long doelings. He is quite the escape artist though, & I don't like the ramming into gates that he does. He never has pushed me yet though. He is the one that started my nigerian dwarf herd & he has awesome lineage. I want to get him appraised this year, I think he'll do very well. As long as the new fence system holds him in, I think I'll have to hang onto him for another year.
  7. SDK

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    Jun 26, 2008
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    i've been lucky with kevin, the way he acts around me you'd think i'd bottle-raised him.

    i know with buddy when he'd do something i didn't want when i was in thepen(like cleaning- bud hated rakes and broke several) i'd say no and flick his nose. it worked for him but not for his son that i got stuck with from a 4h kid. he was in that rebellious teen stage, and with me already having 4 bucks i was just not entertained. a squirt bottle worked to deter him from running out the gate and getting in the wheelbarrow, but if he smelled a doe in heat NOTHING could stop him.. so i'd say try different techniques until you find something he responds to.

    don't use excessive force, or by doing something he may think is playing, like pushing, pulliing his beard, anything to do with the top of his head. all these things will say to a younger buck that you want to play with him, and just be counter-productive

    also,make sure you give him a treat when he behaves like you want, my bucks would do anything for black eyed peas.
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    Nov 11, 2009
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    I have a little wether that jumps on me all the time-any good advice to get this to stop??? It was cute at first when he was smaller but it is getting annoying as he grows bigger-I mean he is just a ND but still!
  9. SDK

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    Jun 26, 2008
    Yucaipa ca
    jumping like how?? like an excited dog does or just all over jumping. if it's like a dog i'd turn away and ignore him, jsut like you'd do a dog.
  10. pennylullabelle

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    So, I went out tonight and did a few things different. First, I didn't take the horse feed in the wagon with me. Why set myself up to fail? I have to go through my boy's pen to get the the horse pen - it's just the only way I could really set up my property and take advantage of the stalls. The gal who built the barn built a shed row facing the house with NO room in front of the barn for pens (the side the stalls are open on)! Instead all the open space is BEHIND the barn and there are no doors out that, I have to build pens that wrap around to the back of the barn to use the space. Anyways... I took the grain in separately so I had a free hand to correct him.

    The next thing I did was use my lunge whip. I have what's called a carrot-stick...a lot like a small whip or a riding crop. Basically, a plastic stick with a small tail at the end of it. I use it a lot for mild corrections with my horses. I took it in with me. As usual he came pouncing over ready to hop into the wagon and I flicked the air in front of him. He sneezed at me and continued on toward the wagon. So I smacked him a quick one on the butt! He was so offended! But I never had to actually make contact again, I just flicked the air in front of him and he backed off. It's like instant manners!! lol

    I'm just relieved I won't be making him bleed anymore. I've been popped with the whip pretty hard. It stings, but it won't break skin or leave any kind of welt.

    So, lesson of the day - If you've got a pushy goat, try a flick with a small whip! :devilish: :laugh:
  11. AlaskaBoers

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    May 6, 2008
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    well I dont own any whips or crops (no horses) but when I did have a problem- water bottle. two quick squirts and they think its acid or something. lol. my new buck is really skittish so i dont have that problem anymore, but he's getting soo friendly- he'll now come up to me and leads like a dream :greengrin: :angelgoat:
  12. Mully

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    Jun 23, 2009
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    He may always be pushy ...after all he is a buck and "all buck" Spray bottle with a tablespoon of ACV added might be enough to keep him at bay. "Boys will be boys" :laugh:
  13. Suellen

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    Mar 9, 2008
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    This post has been very useful. With my goats and jumping on me in front just like a dog I put my knee up and into the
    chest. When I think one of them is going to jump I put my knee up most change there minds

    I teach my goats to walk on lead. Some of the goats really fight this and think I can't make them. On these goats I
    use a simple rope halter. There is not much they can do when you have control of their head. They usually jump and carry
    on. It doesn't take long for them to figure out they can't win. Behavior in the goat yard gets a lot better. I have also
    been known to Butt them in the side to get their attention. This usually takes the wind out of them. You should see
    the look on their face after I do that :shocked: :slapfloor:

  14. Josey521

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    Dec 5, 2009
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    Clicker training!!! I taught Joseph not to jump on me by using Clicker Training. Ok, so he's still a monster...but he doesn't jump on me :wink: Now, I'm training the girls to stand for showing with the clicker...they catch onto it so quickly!
  15. pennylullabelle

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    I haven't needed the whip since the second day. Now he stays down and waits in his stall next to the feeder for his grub. He just yells and yells at me like "c'mon mom, noooowww." But he doesn't jump or crowd the gate anymore!

    When I'm over there Saturday you can show me what you're doing with the clicker and I will try it :)