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This is the time of year when the dreaded leg mange starts to show...icky crusty patches on the back of front legs (or back), shoulder or chest.
I fought it for 2 years with 3 of my girls and then finally got a tip from an alpaca breeder I ran into at my vet's office. So far, it has worked GREAT!

Frontline Spray for dogs..cats...kittens..and it works on GOATS,,yay.

I had tried copper tox, sulfur soaks, you name it and trying to get a goat to stand in sulfur water in the middle of a snow storm in February was not my idea of fun. One goat had mange so badly that she could hardly bend her knee and I missed the symptoms because of all her long hair.

So this year I tried Frontline (you can get it on line) and NO, I do not have any interest in the company..anyway I started in August just after we sheared (we have Pygoras) - just a quick spray on the heels and up the back of each leg (you don't need much), once a month through the winter until April or May when the weather warms. I kept the leg hair clipped close all winter...and no sign of mange.

My vet did say that in established cases, it may take a bit longer to work as the mites can migrate deeper into the skin and be harder to eliminate, but he is all for this treatment and so am I. Anything to save my gang from this scourge..
Kat C.:cool:
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