Super fat in Soap

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  1. Green Mountain Farm

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    Dec 31, 2019
    I make goat milk soap and am trying to understand superfat.

    I think I finally got it in my head now but want to confirm...

    So if I am making a batch of soap with 10oz olive oil, 5% superfat, then I would mix the lye with 9.5 oz of olive oil and then the superfat would be 0.5 oz which I could either add before or after trace. Is that correct?

    So I just multiply the amount of oils by the percentage I want the superfat to be? So if I wanted 10% superfat I would multiple it by 0.1?
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    I'm sure someone on here knows.

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    Oh mercy, I just follow recipes. I tried doing my own math for one batch and ended up with some pretty scary lye soup. But there IS a way. Hopefully someone here here is much smarter in the soap department than I am...
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  4. Green Mountain Farm

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    Dec 31, 2019
    I follow recipes too but am not sure how much of the oil to take out of the bulk oils if I want to add it at trace.
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    Sep 21, 2018
    If you go to and click the “in the studio” tab there’s a “how to” that you can click on the far right list. Click that and there’s a couple of articles as well as videos.
    If you use their lye calculator you can figure out your superfat as well. I generally keep it around 5%. But just enter in what percentage you want for the total amount of oils it will give you the percentages you’re looking for.
    Hope that helps.
    Oh, also has some stuff that might help too.
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