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Supplement for nervous goats?

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Hi Everyone, I was curious if anyone knows.... over the years I've heard of people using calming products for their goats at shows. I am really curious if anyone here has ever tried a calming gel and if so which one and did it work? My daughter's young buck is nervous and stresses easy at shows - can't stand still, climbing the pen, freaks out when he can't see us, etc. and I was super curious if I should look into trying something when we take him to shows.
I can just give Jumpstart probiotics or goats prefer probiotic paste, but as far as anything liquid like the oral B12, etc. that's a no go. He is nearly impossible for me to give anything - about had a heart attack a few days ago when trying to drench him with some B12 and he broke the drench gun metal end off! I was so afraid he'd swallow it.
He is happy usually when his feeder has feed, hay feeder full and fresh water all the time, if anything is empty of slightly not 'perfect' he freaks out. We've never had a buck quite like him.
But he is a sweet boy, and best manners on the stand - well if you can get him on the stand. Ever hear the saying 'White men can't jump?' haha..... I pick on him all the time... he seriously can't jump on and when he is on he is scared and stands funny (lol). But he stands, he doesn't fidget, he doesn't fuss, he loves to be groomed, dried and messed with.
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I would think horse calming products would work.
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