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    Oct 18, 2007
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    Ok, so since we had that little "fainter" scare lol I have been doing some thinking. I give bose shots and cdt and wormer and copper bolused sometime last summer :oops: . But I will admit I havent given my goats minerals in a while, I am thinking 5 or 6 horrible. But now several of my goats have fish tails and they just dont seem to be on the top of their performance. THey get really good alfalfa, and they get fed several times a day. SO I was looking online. I am gonna be copper bolusing them as soon as my boluses show up, also I saw selenium and cobalt bullets. Now I do give bose like I said but it seems these bullets last quite a while, slow releasing, as well as the cobalt. DOes anyone have any experience with these? what do you all give your goats. what is your feeding, worming vaccinating and mineral schedule?? sorry i just want to get this right lol. I am really wanting to do alot of improving!
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    loose minerals should be out at all times if not then take them out and let them eat as much as they want every day or every other day.

    I BoSe my girls right before breeding, and then right before delivering. My boys are Bose'd every 6 months but not when I want them to breed immediately.

    CDT once a year with a booster before kidding.

    Worming once a year and cocci tx 6 months later

  3. RunAround

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    Feb 17, 2008
    Purina goat minerals, kelp and baking soda are out free choice.

    BoSe before kidding and once a year unless they need it more.

    Copper whenever needed but at least twice a year.

    I worm about once every three months. But the barn I am at now should be considered wetland so thats why. I am doing my own fecals now so i will only worm when needed.

    I am feeding my junior Maxxum Crumbles right now. (Horse supplement)

    Another Supplement I feed is Sunshine pellets by Blue Seal. I also feed EZ Pels by Blue Seal they have Zinc which around here is really needed for coats.
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    Freechoice Dumor pasture minerals and a fortified goat specific grain.....I've not had to give any "extra" supplementing as far as the BoSe or copper.....all are doing well with what they get.
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    I was out of minerals for 6 months too. Goats didnt seem to worse for wear but I was so glad to get it back once they were bred! I use Top Choice Goat mineral by Southern States. Looks like sand!

    As to other supplements, I feed fastrack once a day and going to add the E-Z Pels soon like RunAround said. I give selenium vit e gel mid pregnancy and before kidding.