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Was hoping for a second pair of eyes..

Trying to put together a supply list for when I get my goats, 3 Nigerian wethers in about 6 weeks. I'd always rather be over prepared than under. Will also be looking at Fico for complementary natural treatments, but I'm not opposed to chemical based if natural isn't working.

Rumen ailments
Baking soda -
Probiotic Paste-

Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic - Penicillin
Nutri-Drench/Power Punch -
Vitamin B

Respiratory Ailments:
Vet-Rx and/or Vix Vapor Rub /Biomycin or LA 200 Upper

banamine - pain relief
Blood-stop powder
antiseptic wash like Betadine,
cotton bandages, and
Vet wrap/ self-adhesive wrap
aloe vera gel

Vaccinations/ Maintenance Meds:
If I decide to vaccinate it's always 2CC per goat of the C/D & T vaccine otherwise
C/D antitoxin and tetanus antitoxin?
Wormers: Ivomec cattle inj and Valbezen.

Digital Thermometer
6CC "luer lock" 20G 1/2 or 3/4 inch needles
hoof trimmers
horse waterer/pig nipple?
lead of some sort?

Manna Pro Goat Mineral (Arizona is extremely copper deficient, is there copper supplements alone? I think another goat owner in my area said 1800 min)
Noble goat feed (notice both the mineral and the feed have Ammonium Chloride.. problem?)
50/50 alfalfa hay/grass or 20/80 alfalfa hay/grass

Thank you so much!

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Personally, I would go for the Biomycin instead of the LA 200. Same thing, but the Biomycin has a different carrier and stings less when injected. I suspect you will not need a lot of what you have, but I will let you find out what is not needed. ;)

CD&T is a vaccination that helps prevent enterotoxemia - also known as overeating disease. CD&T antitoxin is a medication that helps neutralize toxins due to a lot of things - too much milk, too much grain, too much new, lush grass, etc. CD&T antitoxin negates CD&T vaccination, thus requiring at least a booster - if not both shots - to bring them back up to date, I can't remember which at the moment. Tetanus toxoid provides long term tetanus protection, but it require 2 shots given 10-14 days apart, then a yearly booster - depending on what you give - to do that. Tetanus antitoxin provides short term protection from tetanus in one shot, but it's only good for a month or so. It works well for banding when the toxoid has not been given because it kicks in at about the time that the testicals are starting to separate from the body and lasts through the time it takes for them to fall off.

In addition to the hoof trimmers, you will also need a good pair of hoof shears. An adjustable poly halter is also a good idea. If you live in a cold area I would also have at least one Save-A-Kid syringe and feeding tube, as well as 50% Dextrose on hand. Mixed 50/50 with warm water and tubed, the Dextrose is invaluable when it comes to getting 'dummy' kids to nurse. 20 gauge needles will not work for penicillin - you need either 16 or 18 gauge because it is too thick for 20 gauge. I would also recommend having a few 12 cc luer-lock syringes on hand because you will need them at some point.
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