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    Went out to the pasture to check on the goats and found an unexpected surprise...a pair of brand, spanking new kids out of our doe, Pecan Hollow Kit Kat. She had a buck and a doe, both buckskin with white. So tiny and so cute...and so not supposed to be here until next month!

    I was sure she was due in mid to late Feb, had not even started doing regular nightly checks or penning my does up in kidding stalls. Just a fluke that I went out to check tonight because we brought home 3 new goats this past weekend and I wanted to make sure they were settling in okay. On my way out I heard some baby goat squawking and thought it was the 8 month old doeling I brought home from Beaujest, but nope, there was Kit Kat in the barn already done kidding and taking wonderful care of her new babies.

    My question is this, what are the signs of a kid in trouble? I mean, when you look at them, how do you tell if they are okay to leave alone for the night with momma? They are just so little and I don't want to miss anything. The boy seems spunky and is actively seeking food in a big way...saw him find the teat multiple times and nurse. The girl I did see nurse a tiny bit, but after that she just keeps standing around looking tired and not trying to eat. I felt her tummy and it feels nice and round, so I was thinking that maybe she had been born first and already got some milk before the little buck...before I found them out there.

    She kind of has her head tilted back, though and looks really tired (I know, I know, being born is exhausting, but how do I know if it is just normal tiredness or if I need to take emergency measures like tube feeding?). How long can they go without eating after birth before it is too late? As in, can I wait until morning to see if there is a problem?

    Also, what about temps? It is not terribly cold out as we are in Central's about 46 degrees right now and they are inside an 8ft by 16 ft wooden barn with lots of bedding. Is that too cold? I stuck a dogloo inside the barn to give them a little cozy place, will that be enough?

    I know I sound like a total newb...I really have had goats kid before, but these are the first of my registered show goats to kid, the first of my carefully collected foundation herd...all of a sudden I feel 100 times more worried than I did when my unregistered goats kidded! Not to mention I am caught totally unprepared as I thought I had nearly a month to get ready, build kidding stalls set up heat lamps, etc. Apparently Kit Kat was not listening to the plan!

    Oh, and I have to brag on my livestock guardian dog, Bear, because he was on guard at the door to the barn and would not let the other goats anywhere near the mom and babies...they were all trying to get in there and be nosy but every time they came near the door he chased them away. Good boy!

    *note I posted this in the wrong section, so I am reposting here.
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    HEHEHE... congrats on the new kids! :- ) Sounds like they are doing great! Your set up sounds perfect for them and you sound like a very excited new goatie mom!!! AGAIN... CONGRATS!!! Can't wait to see pics tomorrow... or whenever you get a chance.... like tomorrow? LOL

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    Just checked on them again and both are up and looking nice and spunky...seems like they are going to be okay. Took some early pics, will try to get them posted tomorrow for all to enjoy.

    Baby Nigi's are just so darn cute! These will be the very first goats with my own herd name, Harlequin, I own both the doe and the buck so these are the first kids that are really MINE instead of being bought from another breeder...and to have them from my very favorite doe is just awesome! Kit Kat is the sweetest doe, you can walk right up to her any time and she will just let you give her scratches or meds or mellow and sweet. And she milks so wonderfully! Large, plumb teats lots of capacity (or at least she did as a first freshener when I bought her last year). Hopefully she will pass all of that to her kids.

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    What a great surprise! Congratulations
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    FANTASTIC!!! Sounds like you are doing great!