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My oldest (8-10 yr) doe kidded in September 2014. I milked her for several months but when she was below a pint I let her dry up.
She is penned with 4 other does who are being milked, about half an acre of pasture. Next pen has a 2 year old doe and 5 kids (4 and 5 months).
The bucks are far off and no adjacent fence. She has not been near a buck since bred in 2014. She does come in heat, not on a regular basis and I am not sure she has this fall.
This week she bagged up. She actually has milk, but I did not milk her, just tested. Her udder is not hard or hot. She didn't jump when I felt the udder or teats, when I squeezed a little milk out she didn't notice.
I know about precocious milkers, but this seems a bit extreme. I won't milk her, just watch her.
Anybody have thoughts?
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