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  1. milk/show/udder genetics/weed eaters/pets. Please check my Facebook page “Karen Townhorse” and follow for occasional updates or my web site http://moremail4myhorse.wix.com/milknkids for what I have for sale. Contact me via email with your phone number at [email protected] As of the latter half of January 2014, I have Nigerian does kidding from quality does as well as pet baby boys available. ADGA Nigerian Dwarf does in milk, babies of both sexes. Maremma x Anatolian 2 Livestock guardian dogs, AKC Shiba Inu puppies for sale. Glendale, Oregon
  2. awesome babies on the ground...

    And they are selling almost as fast as being born! Now Urban Acres WC Truffle (premier sired) and Urban Acres SW Disney Figaro (grandson of Chs and top ten producer) had kids and I also just had some beautiful black, gold and white kids born. I'm slow at figuring out how to post pictures, so not going to tonight. Bucket or bottle fed babies available. And maybe a doe or two in milk. Please contact if interested. Thanks

  3. update

    A Pholia Farm doe kidded with kids by an Urban Acres buck. Check out my web page for available does in milk and babies. Thanks. Busy here!
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    Jun 29, 2014
    Your Shibas are so cute! Do you only have reds?
  5. Shiba Inus and heavy milking does had babies

    Thanks, Yes, I have reds. But my two girls hopefully just got bred weeks ago. PM me if you are interested in a Shiba puppy, likely will have other colors. In hopes anyway.

    Update on my goats: I have a few real heavy producing does just kidded. Doelings for sale. SW Oregon. PM if interested. GREAT Lines. ADGA. (as an extra, some blue eyes!)