Sweet Pea tossed out with the goats

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by dvfreelancer, Feb 19, 2010.

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    Aug 15, 2009
    Our bottle baby is a little disillusioned today. Earlier this week she figured out the door was not going to open at 10 pm so she could sleep in the laundry room. That was an adjustment. She was getting too big to stay in there. In the middle of the night I'd hear this WHAM! as she tried to jump up on the washing machine.

    Today I blocked off the space she used to get back up to the house through the pasture fence. That went over like pork roast at bar mitzvah. After not being able to get through the hole, she charged Shockzilla and fought her way through the zaps to get back into the yard. Impressive. I got bit by that fence on the hand one day and my whole arm went numb.

    But then I picked her and dropped her back over the fence and you've never seen such a look on an animal. One part surprise, one part puzzled, one part betrayal. The look that says, "How could you leave me out here with these...these...animals." Not sure what Pea thinks she is, it's definitely not a part of Team Caprinae.

    She eventually went out and laid down with the herd, but kept watching the door. The big test will be if she starts wandering around with the herd and starts sleeping with them in the shelter at night.

    She follows me around the property, but not the other goats. Poor little thing. It's sad but we haven't taken a trip anywhere since before Christmas. The wife was all sad about leaving her out there, until I mentioned we could consider staying at the casino. That seemed to brighten her mood a little.
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    "That went over like pork roast at bar mitzvah."


    LOVED your post. Hilarious story. Can't believe she busted through an electric fence.

    My Ginger was disillusioned too... I thought she would never forgive me... but eventually they do get over it!

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    I havent laughed that hard all day- very funny- and I can just see it all. Gotta love bottle babies! :)