Ohio Sweetest little ND Doe for sale as pet!

Discussion in 'Goats For Sale' started by HonestOmnivore, May 9, 2013.

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    Feb 25, 2013
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    I have the sweetest little bottle baby for sale! She is as adorable as can be, a broken buckskin - mostly black and white with sweet soft eyes that melt your heart! She had a beautiful little buckling this spring (FF) and she's handling the milk stand just fine.

    She's a year old, and we're asking $250 for her.:dance:

    Why are we selling her? Her call name was Carolina, and since that's my sister's name we changed it to 'Half-Pint' to avoid confusion (both are in milk, both are FF, but that's where their resemblance ends...) Unfortunately 'Half-Pint' is pretty close to her production level. She has a small udder, with small teets that are set to the outside. Her teets are about an inch in length and difficult to strip let alone milk (we're using a Henry Milker on her). There is a chance she could really step things up on a second freshening but I don't want to set expectations too high. We've even joked that rather than "Half-Pint" we should call her "Coffee Creamer" :D

    She is very calm, and very easy going. She isn't too interested in playing goaty games with our other ND, but if pestered enough she'll join in for some head bumps and general bouncy bucks. :crazy: She should be leading quietly by the time you get her... (still working on that).

    Half-Pint would make a GREAT companion for your goat, and she's be perfect for a child to learn on!:thumbup: She loves people and gets on fine with dogs, chickens, and a crazy family!

    I hope you have a few spots in your heart for this little girl...

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    she is a doll...hope she finds the perfect pet home