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Hi guys - I have a good friend who just got their first two milk goats this spring. One is in milk and they are milking her, the other is a kid. They love the milk and want to get another goat to milk. They don't know what a fair/good price is for a doe that is already in milk. (The first two came in an unusual deal.) I'm also looking at milk goats and so I thought I'd ask here what we should expect for a good quality milk doe. These would be Alpines or Nubians most likely. Does the breed make a difference? I know that udder attachment and the amount of milk is a determining factor but just don't have any idea if $100 or $500 is what we should expect.

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Any other helpful suggestions/information would be wonderful.


Oh - we're in Colorado in case anyone missed that.
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