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Swollen knee--won't use

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I have a 6 month old wether who I noticed limping slightly about a week ago, but I couldn't identify any source I reason. My husband trimmed his feet to be sure they were not the cause and we waited to see if he got worse. When I fed yesterday, I noticed that he won't put any weight whatsoever on the leg (front left). His appetite is good but he is definitely miserable. I have an appointment with a vet on Saturday. Is there something I can do to make him more comfortable until then? I am holding out hope that I am dealing with a treatable injury and not the onset of CAE. Does this sound like CAE? If that is the case, do I have any options? I am new to the goat world. My husband bought this one (Gus) and his brother to dabble with packing. But I do have two doelings I was hoping to breed later this year, if it is CAE could he have passed it to them?
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Im sorry your little man is not feeling well... You can give him either Banamine which is a pain reliever and anti inflammintory or a regular aspirin if you dont have banamine..
Take his temp ..101.5-103.5 is the normal range..anything higher is a sign of infection and antibiotics will be needed.
Has he been ill lately? Any infections? Is the knee hot? My first thought is injury or joint ill..
CAE would not be my first thought at 6 months old..Not that it cant be..just less either die from Encephalitic seizures quickly or carry the disease to adulthood..many never showing signs at all..A simple blood test can give you answers...
Sounds like injury, if he is limping more after trimming, it may be that, it was hurt a bit further, if he was putting weight on it prior and now not walking on it at all.
Or, he is walking on a rocky or rough surface and is sensitive. If that is the case, move to an area, that is softer and smoother. He may have a stone bruise going on or it is injury to the knee. :(
Thank you for responding. I am anxious to get to the vet this morning, although I have been told by some local goat people that few vets know much about goats...but if it is structural or an infection, he should be able to help right? I will post after the appointment.
discuss joint ill if he doednt find an injury :D ask for baytril if he feels it is joint ill..and Banamine for wishes
Let us know what the vet says.
Good luck at the vet ! Keep us posted .
Could you possibly post some pictures ?
This is a great learning place for everybody.
How are things?
Things are still in the air. The vet said it is either broken or the joint space was punctured and infected. He said if it was a break, there was little he could do and recommended euthenizing. We opted to just treat for an infection and pray for the best, since x-rays were so much money and would only confirm the worst. He gave him a shot of long lasting antibiotic and another IV injection (sorry I can't remember the names) while we were there and sent me home with two more of the IV to be given 24 hours apart. Part of me thinks that an infection is the only logical explanation, except he has an appetite and seems so normal otherwise. Also, I expected to see much more improvement after antibiotics were started--but he still just let's it dangle and it is as big as ever. Anyway, the vet says give it 10 days before deciding on a next step. If you are a religious person, I would appreciate your prayers. I have three little kids--we are all pretty attached. He is more of a pet than anything--a real sweetheart. Thanks everyone!
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He will be in my thoughts and prayers :hug:
I have dealt with joint ill three times...One with a good out come..caught early, treating daily for 10 day of long acting penicillin of all things.. after your last shot of the IV antibiotic..might keep him on Pen or nuflor for a full 5-7 days longer, 10 id he still favors the knee to be sure the infection has gone from the body....In my experiance, they need longer treatment. Also if the vet did not include Banamine in his treatment..I would ask for helps with pain but also inflammation...

Best wishes...and Prayers sent!!
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