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I went to the ADGA site this am looking for tatoo info and found that they need goat people to respond on the national animal health focus for 2009: goats. This is NOT identification related. I took the survey and they are asking goat people what we would like their study to focus on, diseases, marketing, nutrition, etc. They do not have many responses yet it seems. May as well give them your 2 cents. Think of all the attention the cow folks get!

Your input is needed to help identify the most important issues facing the U.S. goat industry. In 2009, the National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) will launch the Goat 2009 study, the first national look at the U.S. goat industry. However, before the study begins, NAHMS is conducting a needs assessment that seeks information from goat producers and industry stakeholders. This information will be used to develop the study's objectives. Participation in the needs assessment phase is quick and easy, and does not require any personal or farm information from the participant.

Please go here to complete survey: ... gNTg_3d_3d
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