Taking Reservations for '09 Nubian kids!

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    I am still working on updating my site, but it takes a while on dial-up! So, I figured I'd just post our breeding plans now. http://www.freewebs.com/seigneurfarms All of the goats have new pictures, except for Bella and the bucks have no pictures at all. If you want to see pics of Rebel's paternal sister(also Flicka's dam) and Money's dam and 3/4 sister, PM me and I can give you links to the pics.

    Doe/Buck/Due/Reserved-Retained/Price/Kid Status

    Bella X Rebel---Jan.---1st doe res., 2nd doe ret.---$350---Purebred
    Precious X Rebel---Feb.---1st doe ret.*---$150---75% American
    Fool X Money---Feb.---1st doe ret.*---$250---Purebred
    Flicka X Rebel---Feb.---1st doe ret.---$300---Purebred
    Lark X Money---March---1st doe ret.*---$250---American
    Brook X Money---March---1st doe ret.*---$250---Purebred
    Perfection X Money---March---1st doe ret.*---$250---Purebred

    All the *'s are possibles. We're freshening a quite a few of first fresheners, so most likely we will a have a milker or two for sale after freshening. That is also why we are possibly retaining several kids. Now we won't keep that many, we just aren't sure who we should keep out of! If Bella does have two doe kids, she will be for sale as a brood doe. Please see our for sale page for sale terms.

    Thanks for looking!!