Taking reservations on 08 spring kids -boers, kikos, colors!

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Sires, most of the named does, and most of the kids from last year are on our website. I can get pics of the others if you want to see what kids are possible. I have stats on the kids and can tell you whose grew faster, etc.

    100% solid red boer sire breeding:
    (we bred all these girls but Belle to this guy's son last year, also solid red, so that may be a good indication of what will get this year):
    Wild = blk/white 50%, blk/white kids
    Wilder = blk/white 50%, blk/white kids
    Rebecca = traditional, solid red and traditional kids
    Rachel = red, solid red kids
    Sugar = tan, tan/white and tan/black kids
    Jewell = solid blk with blue eyes, solid blk, chocolate/white blue eyes kids
    Belle = white with black head 97%
    Patch = red/white paint 88%, red/white paint and traditional kids
    Lady = 100% SA traditional, traditional kids

    100% black/white paint:
    7 red and tan traditional boer cross girls
    1 solid white boer cross
    Idaho = traditional boer cross, bred to Coal last year and had white with gray/black kid

    98% American Premiere solid black kiko:
    2 99% Amer. Prem light tan kikos
    1 black/tan 50% kiko
    1 black with white frost 50% kiko
    1 white 50% kiko
    2 light tan 50% kiko does
    One Ear = white with chocolate ear boer cross, tricolored kid
    Victoria = red/white paint with black, light chocolate/blk/white kid
    Spots = traditional boer cross with dairy spots on red, 6 colored kid
    Cinnamon = cream kiko cross