Taking Reservations on Nigerian Dwarf babies in PA

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    Jan 9, 2010
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    We are taking reservations on our nigerian kids some of whome have already hit the ground and also on a bunch more who are due in late March. This is just a verbal reservation, no need to send money until babies are born and you see one that you like.
    ~We will have lots to choose from out of some very nice bucks

    Caesar's Villa PE Bo Blitzen (Caesar's Villa R Pinochle *S X Caesar's Villa STS Belev n Mircles)

    Kids Corral CVF Triumph (Caesar`s Villa TT Frankie X Pocket Sized PST Victory )

    Dill's BH 38 Special *S (PromisedLand CP Bounty Hunter +*S
    X NC PromisedLand HS Dizzy Blonde 3*D 08 LA VG 87 E)

    OL' Country CHMP Zip Code (Buttin`Heads Zip Of Champagne *S X Buttin`Heads Dulzipmer)

    Country Bumpkins TLF IfU-SaySo (Rosasharn TL Tiger`s`Lfin *S X Country Bumpkins OM Sassafras)

    More pedigree information and pictures are on my website on the bucks page and the reference bucks page http://www.dwarfacres.com