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Tattoo Equipment

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Questions about tattoo equipment and I'm asking here because... This is regarding tattooing of mini-nubians and Nigerian dwarfs. So mini breeds.

1) what size tattoo is the right size for minis? I heard that the most common 3/8" is pretty much too big.
2) Assuming it's not 3/8", where are the reputable places to get the smaller tattoo pliers/dies? I see references to them all over the place "for smaller breeds, use our 5/16" tattooer" only there is nothing but 3/8" pliers on the site.
3) Are the letters/numbers (of the same size) interchangeable or do they have special mounting? Can I buy the pliers from vendor X and extra dies from vendor Y?
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I use the even smaller .300 for my lamancha tail webs. I believe that is the rabbit tattooer. I got mine from Caprine Supply.
Bump to see if anyone else will chime in. 😙
i originally bought the jeffers goat tattoo pliers. i never liked them one letter would never punch far enough... and the pliers were so big for the nigerians. i would end up waiting until they were older which doesnt work if you sell them at 2-3 months old.
i finally spent the big bucks and bought the stone small pliers. love them!
I have the 5/16 size for my Nigerian Dwarf kids with the ear release i ordered it from premeir 1 i think... i like it.
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