teaching my does to be handeled for milking...

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    I just got two Nigerian does who are most likely pregnant. They are friendly and even pushy when I have food, but a little standoffish when I just come in to visit. Neither likes their sides to be touched and if I get to their tummys they start kicking and run off! :slapfloor: How can I teach them to be handled? I'd like to milk them after they kid, but they've never been milked before. They are both 4 years old. Thanks for the help!
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    Dec 7, 2008
    I'm not an expert! This is what I did for my wild, never touched two year old I milked this pass time---Put her on the the stand, Put grain in feeder, Used a canning jar and kept it in one hand, As I milked in the jar with the other I followed her teat around so I got the milk in the jar. It is not the best way, but it got the milk in the house. She does get better with time, for sure she liked the feed.

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    Newly pregnant does are very protective of their bellies and udders, getting them up on the milk stand and locked in the head gate for feeding is a good start. While they eat, brush them and talk to them gradually moving on to touching their udder....it takes time. By the time they deliver, they'll know to get on the stand for meals and will be more willing about having their bellies and udders touched. They are nigie's right? Be easy with the grain while they are pregnant as you don't want too big of kids, and once they deliver you can increase it to ensure they are producing enough milk.
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    Thank you guys so much. I will take it easy on the grain. Is a cup a day each okay? Just want to make sure I give them enough to give me time to handle them while they're in the stand. I know they lick that much from my hands in about a minute!

    Do you have a favorite plan for a stand? I want to build my own.
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    1 cup should suffice, though since mine are already trained to the stand, my preggy girls are up there with no feed until they are 2 months along.

    My hubby built my stand 6 years ago....the plans were for a standard goat but he did the math and figured out how to make it for little goats. If I can find the plans, I'll post them.
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    Thank you! I'll check back incase you find em
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    Oct 4, 2007
    do some internet searching for plans -- and also searches on here -- there is a Barnyard section where you can find stuff like that

    While I am at it I should mention that a lot of your questions are not new so some places you might find good to look at are the "Kidding Koral" and the "Goat Sense 101" YOu will find a lot of your questions answered there :thumb:

    as to how to handle the does -- personally I have found that pregnant goats, even experienced milkers, do not like to be touched in the udder area. Some are better then others but most early on are a big pain and I dont recommend you try and work with them in that area till you are more bonded with them and they trust you.

    Goats take time to really trust and once they do its an amazing thing. Some get to loving and trusting you so much that they wont kid till you arrive or they welcome your sight when you do. They enjoy your attention at all times and will just relax and enjoy being milked.

    Focus more on the bonding then the milking and you will find that come milking time everything is a breeze.
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    I have had many dairy goats that have been like this as yearlings. Best thing to do is put them on milkstand with grain or whatever food source you use, grab above the hocks and gently "bicycle" them...I know it sounds odd but it will work much faster then trying to pet them in the pen or whatever stand by. In a few weeks they should tolerate any type of touching. Since they are smaller, you shouldn't have any problems. Good luck.