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Telling if the doe is in heat

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Hey,so I have never had experience with breeding goats,only alpacas and they do not have heat cycles so I really don't have any experience so right now my doe looks like she has discharge and she is always really noisy and we don't have a buck so what other signs should I look for?
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Actually they do have a cycle that is 14 days but they don't have an obvious heat.

Sometimes girls will flag their tail or be more vocal. If you don't have a buck, heats can be harder to detect.
Do you have a buck rag? If not, and you are looking to breed, ask the breeder if they can get you a buck rag. That stinky sock covered in buck pee is crack and perfume all rolled into one for the girl goats. Mine like to rub on the jar and pull he sock out of he jar. When Bree was in standing heat, she would flag her tail and urinate when she smelled that thing.
And when she was in standing heat, she actually had less mucus than when she was in a week before that (and not in standing heat, but in heat all the same). She did the five day heat cycle, where the firs time she wasn't flagging, but she had stringy mucus, decreased production, urinating all over, and one of my little girl goats was mounting the other. The next week, she had much less mucus, but was urinating some and flagging when she smelled the buck rag. The little girls were also mounting each other again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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