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I have 4 new bucklings for sale and 3 bucks from April still for sale.
Any of these can be wethered. Wethers start at $125 and bucks at $200.
Multiple purchase discounts are available and we can ship.

Here are pictures of the new kids.

Some are polled, blue eyed, or both. Have 2 solid black boys, 1 solid mahogany boy, and 1 bay roan boy. Also have a doeling but she is possibily sold. If you are interested in her please e-mail me and I will let you knw if the potential buyer back out. She will be $300 and is black and white with possible marbled eyes, can't tell yet.

I also have 3 bucks from February and April. 1 of these bucks is tan and white, polled, and two teated. He got 4th in his class at the GMMF and there were 10+ goats in his class. He is $200 and you can see pictures under the for sale page on my website.

Also have 2 other bucks. The one from April has marbled eyes, horned, two teated and peacock patterned. I offer him as a buck or wether. The third buck is also offered as a buck or wether.

Again, I will give multiple purchase discounts.
These guys are NOT for meat.

Titan Farms, LLC
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