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It will be spring before my budget allows for more books of my own. Until then I'm having to rely on the library and the internet. The library has a collection of 40 year old dairy animal books -- not specific to goats -- and of course nothing about pack goats. I'm getting things in on loan, but it doesn't happen overnight.

I am so glad Rex has this forum and you all pitch in. The vet will be coming for the horses' fall shots and fecals soon, but you all know what it's like. I have a hundred questions and about 97 of them get covered here.

Thanks. I guess there is probably a better place for it, but my questions about vaccinations and parasites were high on the list of panic / worry questions, and it is such a relief to go through the wealth of info here and to know that you all will expand on it as needed.

So this is where I planted my flag :lol:

I really do mean it!
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