The Babies are Here. Now What?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by JasonCalhoun, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Sep 4, 2012
    We just had two babies. The first went real smooth. Mom and baby united and baby started nursing right away. The second was from another Momma. It was a challenge. She was carrying twins. Here first baby came alright, but the other was deformed and stillborn and had to be pulled by the vet.

    When she had her first baby, she wouldn't let her nurse. I'm guessing she was nervous about the other still being inside and not moving. So we milked her and fed the baby with a syringe. Then we took Mamma to the vet. This brings me to my questions?

    1. How do we get the baby to nurse from Mamma. The baby seems to think my wife is the food source. My wife, God bless her heart, has been getting up every 3 hours, milking the Mamma and feeding baby.

    2. How long do we keep Mamma and baby separated from the herd?

    Thanks in advance for all the advice. Oh BTW they're small breeds. Pygmy Daddy and Pygmy/? or Dwarf/?
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    First off, sorry about the stillborn, Sadly,these things happen.
    How is Momma Doe doing now? Is she letting kid nurse or not?
    What you can do is tie Momma up short, guide kid toward the teats. If she fights, hold up a rear leg.
    If she hasnt previously let kid nurse this might take a few days.
    I would keep them together in a stall until kid realizes it has a goat mommy.

  3. JasonCalhoun

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    Sep 4, 2012
    Thanks. The kid and mommy snuggle at night. Mom smells kid a lot. Momma seems to be doing better. Starting to heal up. She had also prolapsed real 2 weeks before delivery. She eats, drinks and has normal poo berries. She has calmed down a bunch too. When she was pregnant she was very vocal and demanded our attention.
  4. JasonCalhoun

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    Sep 4, 2012
    UPDATE! Tonight, my wife and I went out together and was able to get baby onto Momma and baby's instinct kicked in. We short tied Momma so that she had to put her front hooves up on a cinder block and held baby underneath, putting my finger in baby's mouth to open it up. My wife expressed a little in to baby's mouth and then put baby on the teat. After a pause, baby started suckling. It was the best feeling.
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    Awesome ! Congrats , keep us posted :)
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    That great news! I hope everything continues to go well.
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    Alright congrats, that is great to hear :cool: