The "best" Nigi lines

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    What are the "best" Nigi lines? We are new to Nigerians, well, goats in general, and we don't know the who's-who of the Nigi world yet. We are looking at local breeders for future buck prospects and want to find a good contribution to our herd. So, who should we know about and who should we avoid?
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    Where are you located?? Most "big name" farms will ground or air-ship kids, but if you let us know where you are on the map (just general area) there are some folks that probably have good suggestions of breeders in your area.

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    Thanks Katrina thats just what I was going to post :thumb:

    pennylullabelle check out the link posted above and you will find the favorite nigerian breeders of the members here
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    Thanks so much for the link! I was pleasantly surprised to find the sires and dams of my girls are those of some of Twin Creeks current stock with some Copper Penny/Ponders End and some OTR (anyone know what OTR stands for??). Anyways, I love my girls no matter who they're out it, but it's good to see some of the favorite names come up!
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    OTR (Over The Rainbow) think they were out of OR.