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I found this book at my tiny little community center library. I was sooo shocked. No one in my community has goats besides me and one other person, and we have only been here for a few years.
This book appears to be really, really old. I cannot find a date on it but I am guessing late '20s to early '30s.
Anyways I scanned a bunch of photos that were in it. I think you will all find them very interesting. Mind you, this is in Great Britain, but the quality of dairy goats has improved soooo much over the years. Here are some CHAMPION Alpines. If you can't read the words under the photos, let me know and I will type them.
This is the cover:

The doe that was on the cover, with B/O info and the fact that she is a champion.. !!!! :shock: lol

She is a pretty girl, but not what today's champions are made of.. she would make a better family milker today! It is so fascinating how all of the breeder's hard work has changed the look and productivity/function of our modern dairy ladies.
These does were bred and owned by the same woman as the above doe:

A prize-winning yearling:

Isn't that so fascinating? I am totally into old goat history, and I love finding OLD pics of goats, especially yesterday's dairy girls. And I LOVE researching the old goat pedigrees (especially the nubs!). What can I say? I am a goat geek :D :greengrin:

More stuff coming, including a photo of an old LaMancha type goat!
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