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    Ok I got this idea from another post in this forum, talking about books by Francine Rivers. I thought that it would be nice to have an open book post, where people can talk about books they have read recently or just thought were really good. I love reading and am always looking for more series/novels to read so I though that this might be a good idea. (I haven't seen another post lke this so hopefully I'm not stealing someone else's idea :( :shrug: )
    Please write the name and author of the book and a short write up about it. This can be done once you have finnished reading it or even if you are just starting it. You can also ask other posters about a book that you may like to read. I would prefer to keep this line of posts for Christian books, but if you have a really good non-Christian book that you would like to talk about that is ok too.

    I have just finished reading Shadow of Colossus by T.L.Higley. It is one of the books from A Seven Wonders series about the seven wonders of the ancient world. This book takes place on the Greek island of Rhodes in 227B.C. The book is based around Tessa of Delos, the most famous hetaera on the island. It enters by her planning to slit her wrists at the statue of helios later that evening, but by unforseen circumstances an accident releases her from her hated master before she has a chance to end her life. Tessa and her head servant, the kindly old Jew Simeon, hide her master's body which is later discovered by Nikos, a wealthy Greek posing as a servant, and her master's daughter Persephone. Together the four attempt to hide the secret of her Glaucus' death for one week, until he and Tessa are to leave the island for Crete, giving Tessa the chance to escape. The week holds many trials, including disposing of Glaucus' body and keeping his death a secret as Tessa poses as his speaker concerning various problems arising on Rhodes. A politicians murder, one of the ten of the island's strategoi, the sabotage of the water basin leading to the Jewish district, fighting in the southeast district, a horrible plot and attempted murder by another leading politician... Tessa and Nikos work together to solve the series of crimes before it is too late, but as Tessa is begining to trust him she realizes that Nikos may not be all he seems. Over the next week Tessa will learn how to trust people with the help of Nikos and Simeon and his family, and give her life over to the One who is Redemption. An excelent book that I would happily recomend.