the dynamics of a herd is amazing

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Bootsie kidded 4 days ago with triplets and stayed in a stall for 2 days before I let them all out together. There was some head butting but all is well now and I noticed all day yesterday that when Bootsie went out to graze that the herd queen and her best buddy Lava who is pregnant and not due till May 18th would stay behind till Bootsie came back and then she would go and graze. This happens everytime and I do believe that Lava is staying behind to kid sit till Bootsie comes back and can watch her own kids. This brings tears to my eyes when I watch it. The love and kindness in my herd is amazing.
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    that is so cool!

    I just put Destiny in with Aspen. There was PLENTY of head butting - as you can see. And Destiny's scur is now bloody. But they are best buds and I expect everything to be really nice and easy from here on out.

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    Thats so sweet, our Boers do that. The dairy goats all gang up and try and keep Raven outside though :roll: We let Raven out so she can eat hay though.
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    When Tim took the babies out for the first time (a week as it was raining so bad,) Dottie was super-interested in the babies- there were a lot of semi-serious buttings going on til it became clear to Tim that Dot was a good "auntie" and was very careful with the babies. They would butt at Dot and she would gently lower her head to them but not move it at all so they wouldn't get hurt. Now Aunt Dottie is a kid favorite- Tim's too stodgy to capriole across the field but Dot will run with them. I love watching them.
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    I agree completely. One of my FF kidded with twin does this year and although she never rejected them, she would seem to forget about them and go way off to browse. An experienced doe had kidded 5 days earlier and she always stayed close by hers and the FF's kids were always around. She never nursed them, but she would stay with all four and they would all follow her. The FF kept nursing them and she did get better as time went on, but I am planning to bred those 2 at the same time again, just in case. D