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In case we were ever fearful of chickens, we never need to be afraid again.

This afternoon my husband and I went out to the pasture to check fences. We discovered that Wynonna, one of the barred rock hens, had flown over the top of the chicken run. It happens occasionally; one of the girls slip out but sticks close to the coop. Wynonna's a sweetheart who simply had momentary chicken wanderlust.

She is also the first chicken to have "flown the coop" since we brought home our Saanen kids this spring. Finn, three months, had never encountered a hen out in the open. Until now, the pesky hens have been safe behind the electric net where they belong. He must have decided she was a fierce menace, because he alerted and put himself between me and Wynonna. He charged her and chased her away with sproinging little leaps. Each time she wandered away from the chicken fencing towards us, he bravely herded her back toward the chicken run. His superhero courage had my husband and me doubled over with laughter.

However, we now have assurance that as long as we have Finn with us, we are no longer in danger from crazy chickens gone wild.

Rose-Marie and the Saanen boys, especially the Invincible Finn

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I guess I never did mention that I have a duck herding goat.

While out walking I stumbled acrost a momma duck and
a dozen or more baby hatchlings. One of the poor little tykes
got his foot hung up on a berry bramble.

So I detangled him and turned him loose to return to mom
and the brood.

About that time Julio seen the little one and proceeded to
herd it away from the mother up the hill. So I had to catch the

My next delema was finding the mother again. 1/2 hour later
I decided I guess I was just stuck with one baby duck.
So headed down the hill for home. Working out solutions as
to where to keep this duck.

That is when I caught site of momma duck again.
So I circled and got as close as I could with out scaring her.
I grabbed my duck goat. And put the little duckling down.
And moved away. Silly duck followed us. So I had to try
and catch the duckling again. But when I turned towards
it with my ferious duck herding goat. The duck turned tail
and ran.

It took a good 10 minutes for mom and duckling to find each
other. I stood holding the duck herder and watch to make
sure. It was a happy reunion.
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