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The great pumpkin massacre of 2013 :)

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Each year we get a load or two of pumpkins for the goats and roll them out into our "pasture". Without water to grow thing, we come up with creative ways to coax the goaties out of their loafing area :) At $30 a truck load, you cant go wrong. After Christmas, we will do the same thing with Christmas trees :)

Will start off with a few pictures and load some videos as I find time to do so.

Already posted it on page two but figured Id add it to the start of the thread as well.


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Haha that's awesome!
Nice! Mine are loving the extra halloween pumpkins too. Lovely Alpines, by the way.
Too cute!
Food fight :cool:
Looks like they are having a blast! Mine were underwhelmed by the Halloween pumpkins I fed them, they had a fit when they smelled them when we were carving them, but when I gave them the guts and carved pieces they just sort of nibbled then left.
Looks like a great way to keep them occupied and dewormed.
Very nice! My alpine loves pumpkins especially if they are opened for her and getting squishy! The 8 month old...not so much.
So cute! They look like they're thoroughly enjoying themselves!
Wow I whisk I could get that many pumpkins. My goats love them as well. I get a few a year for them. They are natural dewormers as well.
We live in a pretty grow good area. There are maybe a half dozen people who plant em and sell to the stores. The left over they offer on craigslist at 30 dollars a truck load. We loaded up my short bed and a 10 foot trailer :) Still have a small stack of em next to the hay stack for the babies, bucks and misc. goaties to enjoy as well.

Ok here it is :) The full length horror movie....

I second that , beautiful goats you have there !
Great video , they sure enjoyed themselves , lolol .
:) thank you for the kind words. I think everyone can agree its nice to get praise for hard work done. After watching the video a time or two I actually commented to my other half that for the most part, all the girls were looking good and in pretty good shape. Being around em as much as I am, I dont often take the time to really look at em. This video helped me to do just that :) Not national champion good but pretty solid all around.

Early in the video, the doe that comes up and wants a scratch then changes her mind, thats Gabriel, foundation dam to all the bigger girls you see running around. She will be 9 years old this coming kidding season. She was the doe who had quads this year and is my pack goat Legions grand dam. The hoot is, to this day, she still is the one to decide if she wants a scratch or not. If I just try and walk up to her and give her a scratch or a pet, she is like "Na I dont want you touching me" I think its because she is the herd boss and doesnt wanna appear weak in the other under bosses eyes :)

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A beautiful , healthy and happy looking herd. Congrats on all the hard work you put into your goats it really shows :)
That is so cool!
I agree about the herd boss thing . My herd boss Tricky is the same exact way.
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