The kidding of Quads

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  1. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I came home around 8:30. Brother said he had recently checked on Sweet pea and she was uncomfortable but nothing more. I said ok, let me just get changed catch up on TGS and GT and then I will head out and feed everyone and assess Sweet Pea’s condition.

    My grandmother comes in my room and says “I hear this crying like a kid outside” “yes grandmom we have Aspen’s kids they probably are just being noisy” “not sure stace, it doesn’t sound like them” “ok let me get changed and I will go out and see if she is kidding or whats up”

    Quickly change clothes, grab headlamp and run outside. I get near the pen and I hear Sweet Pea cry out in labor. Ok we on. “yes grandmom she is kidding, thanks” I yelled to my grandmom on her porch. I see that there is hooves in the sack coming out, ok good. SCREAM “whoa what is that?” Oh my she has a kid already. Throw a towel on her and start rubbing. Cute little thing, very tiny. Uh oh I see a nose but we aren’t making progress better clean it off. I break the bag and start cleaning the nose. Sweet pea moves and I have to move the kid (kitten) and my grandmother comes with help. I start pulling on the legs and more leg coems and more leg – what gives??? Why isn’t the nose coming out too. OH NO these are back legs! I tell my brother “pray really hard” I am not sure what to do, poor sweet pea is crying (though not as bad as she could be) I don’t’ think I can get two heads out at once. So I tried to find legs for the head I can see – no can do. Alright push head back in pull other legs….. GO ……. Pull and pull and pull and POP out comes kid number 2. Ok lets get this other one out. Ok hes out. Wonderful. Ah triplets – more then I wanted but that’s ok. Brother number 2 and grandmom have arrived with more towels. Keep cleaning and cleaning. See more contractions – ok she needs to get the afterbirth out no biggy. Trying to revive breach girl. Thrilled with 2 girls and 1 boy.

    What is that? more hooves??? Break sack and pull slightly with Sweet Peas push “plop” out comes kid number 4! Oh my gosh never expected 4! Hoped for twins but that was all. OH my oh my. Check – it’s a boy. Ok 2 boys and 2 girls.

    Decided to pull 2 – Kitten because of her condition (lethargic, not moving much, wouldn’t try to stand) and Presto (last buck) because he seemed very healthy and interested in nursing and I figured he was the best for bottle feedingn as he latched onto my finger before he was even dried off!

    Still touch and go with Kitten (named such because grandma said “oh she is so tiny almost like a little kitten” ) Presto is doing ok, not as I would like but it was a long hard day for everyone. Tomorrow should be better.

    Two with Sweet pea are doing ok. Hopefully by tomorrow nursing will be second nature to them. They are now in a kidding stall (my hay area) and seem to be doing well. Sweet pea is being a great mother and might have done ok with quads or triplets but I didn’t want to chance it.
  2. Muddy Creek Farm

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Keokuk, Iowa
    Wow Stacey!! I am exhausted just thinking about it!! SP did so well!! What a good girl.

    You must be oh so proud of her!

    As for Kitten keep her nice and warm, maybe give her some of Sally's mix?

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wahoo:

  3. liz

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
    Well CONGRATULATIONS!!! So (as if you had the time!) what time did the final kid arrive? Before Midnight I suppose and I AM SO VERY GLAD THAT YOU WERE THERE TO HELP THOSE BABIES!! :stars:
  4. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    oh right after the others - probably around 9:30-9:40 :shrug: I don't even know, didnt look at my watch until 11:00pm and i dont' even know what iw as doing.

    Sorry guys i am exhausted.


    Mom says to get a nap............I think I will
  5. Sweet Gum Minis

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    Oct 6, 2007
    Easley, SC
    Wow, that's an amazing story! Good thing you were there! Glad they're all born and that you have pulled Kitten. Sounds like the best choice with her for sure. I really hope she pulls through for you! Congrats on the other kids too! What colors?
  6. Frozenloc2

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    Jan 12, 2008
    Holy Smokes, good thing you were there and CONGRATS :leap: What a nice story, can't wait for pics!! They must be so tiny. Sweet Pea hid those 4 well.
  7. whatknott

    whatknott Member

    Feb 22, 2008
    Congratulations Stacey! Only ever had quads with a sheep - lots of fun!! Is Sweetpea a pygmy?
  8. fritzie

    fritzie New Member

    Oct 6, 2007
    way to go stacey & sweetpea. that is great. you did a great job stacey. no wonder she had to sit like she did the poor thing. i bet both of you were exhaustd
  9. Di

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    Jan 29, 2008
    central PA
    Oh, how exciting! Well, except for the tangled up kids part...that sounds really traumatic! But, quads! Hope your little kitten is fine and everybody else is good too. Quads! :leap: Congrats!
  10. trob1

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Middle TN
    Wow quads! How wonderful and so glad you were there to help her. :girl: :girl: :boy: :boy:
  11. redneck_acres

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    Oct 17, 2007
    Wow, 4 babies!!! That is great. I've only had one set of quads born here-probably wont have any more born. At least it would be weird if it did happen again.
  12. nhsmallfarmer

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    Apr 14, 2008
    New Hampshire
    :leap: Congrats :leap:
    4 babies that is great, the farm I took care of for 3 months on the does had 4 also, such an amazing thing to see
    SawDust Farm
  13. liz

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
    Well Stacey, instead of just 2 Registered ND.....You got 4!!! Amazing!
  14. FarmGirl18

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Wow Stacey!! Congrats!! I bet you are worn out, hope all those babies continue to do well!
  15. kelebek

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    Oct 5, 2007
    South Texas
    Congrats Stacey-

    You are definately doing the right thing by pulling kitten.

    Up here we always give .1 cc SQ of BoSe to all of the kids if they are trips or quads, because alot of times there is not enough minerals in the momma for everyone. You may want to give kitten a little - it may help her alot. Typically you would want to do that in the first 24 hours (of course you probobly know all this, but wasn't sure :) )

    I can't wait to see pics of everyone!!! I bet they are just adorable. I have one doe that always throws trips or quads, and can't wait till she births in September!!

    Congrats again!
  16. goathappy

    goathappy New Member

    Oct 5, 2007
    QUADS?!?!?!?! I didn't think she was that big.

    Congrats, I hope little Kitten makes it. :stars:
  17. sweetgoats

    sweetgoats Moderator

    Oct 18, 2007
    Peyton CO.
    WOW Stacey, It seems like just yesterday that you could not wait to breed them and now you are flooded in babies.
    Way to go Grandma, it sounds like it was her great ears that just might of saved those babies. i mean if you would of taken your time getting out there, that could of been bad. :leap: :leap: Yea Grandma.
    It sounds like you are very lucky to have a wonder Grandmother around like you have. You are truly blessed.
    I Bet your Grandmother is more then willing to help you feed those babies.

    Congrats on the successful delivery. :clap:
  18. StaceyRosado

    StaceyRosado Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Oct 4, 2007
    Thanks for all the well wishes guys.

    I was up a couple times through the night into morning. Got about 4 hours sleep :ZZZ:

    So the update: Kitten is doing better. Surviving not thriving. SHe gets up and down on her own now :leap: and can walk too. She has a slight sucking reflex but not enough to take a bottle (still trying each feeding though). she nudges my arm or my body when I rubb her bottom. It takes a good half hour to syringe feed her 1 ounce. :sigh: But that is better then nothing I suppose. I ihave to give it to her 1/4cc at a time. :(

    Presto - bottle boy - is taking 2 ounces from a bottle every 2 hours :D :stars: Good thing my mom is here, I don't take this type of stress adn worry well. She is such a stabling force for me. She knows I had nothing to do with making her have quads and she is the one who really pulled for Kitten to make it as I was at the point of dispair :cry:

    The 2 out with Sweet pea (no names yet as I want to give the buyers that chance possibly) are doing well. She is mothing them nicely. They have full bellies though I havent' seen them nurse. Last night they did nurse for a few seconds and seh was encouraging them so ti seems they got the idea :clap:

    ok 6 kids in 2 kiddings - NOT what I was expecting.

    Keep Kitten in your prayers adn thoughts she can still use it.

    OH and sweet pea is doing well herself. She is eating and drinking, pooping and peeing and acting so normal I am bursting with pride :love:

    I never want quads again but I am thankfull for the ones I do have now.

    THank you ALL :grouphug: Words can not describe my thanks for all your prayers :pray: I know that it is what kept me sane and helped miss Kitten to make it through the night.

    Yes Lori my grandmom is such a blessing. I was yelling thank you thank you over and over again as I was helping pull the Kids. Poor sweet pea was probably trying to wait for me and i just didn't get out there fast enough. But at least I got out there when I did.
  19. cjpup

    cjpup Guest

    Dec 1, 2007

    I bet they are beautiful!!!! We have one doe here that ALWAYS kids Quads. SOme of her births are eventful and others go smoothly.....

    DO you have any pics yet Stacey?

    Keeping Kitten in my prayers :pray:

  20. RunAround

    RunAround New Member

    Feb 17, 2008
    My goodness! Its a good thing you got out there when you did. I would have been flipping out over the tangled kids. Glad you kept your cool and figured things out. I prob would have had to change my pants after that kidding! I still can't believe she gave you quads! Makes me nervous about what my girls are hiding in there!

    I wil continue to pray for Kitten. Hopefully she just needs some rest and TLC and will come around for you. :hug:

    Congrats! :girl: :girl: :boy: :boy: