The last few weeks are the longest!!

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    Hey ya'll!

    Just wanted to come and commiserate with others playing the waiting game. I have 4 senior NDs that will be kidding in the next month or so. I've got 2 does that I bought bred. They had been in with a buck from 8/10 until I bought them on 9/1. They are both pretty round and have a decent udder going on, so I think they're due on the sooner end of that range. I hate the last couple of weeks of waiting lol. It's too soon to be doing ligament checks. I do need to get kidding pens set up, but I think it's a bit early for that yet as well. So, I have nothing to do but obsess lol. I have another doe who is due on January 22nd, so I have a ways to go with her. She's already a fatty waddling around out there. Then I have one more who is due right after that one. I'm so excited! It's a blessing and a curse that both my son and I are out of school for Christmas break. A blessing because I'm home to check on the girls and get things ready and a curse because I have fewer distractions to pass the time lol. Thanks for listening! I'll be posting pictures in the birth announcements forum when the babies start arriving. Any suggestions on how to pass the time would be great. I'd also love to know everyone's timelines for getting ready. When do you set up kidding stalls? When do you start putting does in them? When do you start checking ligs etc.
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