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the new goat show board

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please do not use the old goat shows link. We had issues with the board and porn stuff so we are moving it to a new location.

check out for the online goat show.
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We are currently finishing up our GCH line-up so check it out! :D
pass this onto anyone you know who was a part of goat shows and would like to know the winners and to be a part of it next spring.
Ok - so I am new to the whole online goat show thing.

How does this work? How / when can you enter? I took a look at the site, and I can't tell when the next entries are able to be submitted or the rules as to if they have to be shaved, ect.

We are still building this new site but the next show will start in April. If you go to the Goat Shows Rules forum there are entry instructions.
You're welcome :wink:
Thank you! I would love to shave down Gabriel - and depending on what I find ....... - LOL!

Also, my little Joe Dirt!
shaved animals are not manditory but it always helps.

unregistered are also welcome. I know that the show isn't till april but I thought that might be a question.

goathappy is heading this up since I am so busy with this board and other things in life. On the other forum I was an admin but only poked my head in once in a while - I had no clue about judging so DoverFarms and goathappy were the ones doing all the work.

and they have done a mighty fine job at that.
Thank you Stacey. and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask ask any of the admins, me, Dover Farms, Muddy Creek Farm, or LiddleGoteGirl
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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