The new kids (: && some questions

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    Jun 10, 2010
    And now, introducing...
    [​IMG] Pip!



    These are the two new pygmy kids i got this weekend. So the herd is totaled to 4 goats all together, and that is plenty (or so my mom says). The 2 rescued males are doing great. They are still to be castrated, gotta gain a few more pounds first though, but we are working on it! They all get along well.

    QUESTION ONE: Pip, the brother of Estella, has his parts banded but havent fallen off yet.. the breeder said they should fall soon.. i saw him ride Estella today.. There isnt any chance of him still being able to get her pregnant.. is there? They are about 2 months old or so. I havent seen the older boys try her yet.. but im worried. :sigh: :tears:

    QUESTION TWO: So since i have 3 (soon to be) wethers i have read about Urinary Calculi. Is the Ammonium Chloride in Manno Pro Goat Minerals enough to help prevent it in my boys?

    Thanks everyone! I'll leave you with a shot of all four of my babies!
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    Pip's parts will fall off, it takes on average 4-6 weeks, be sure to check him daily to be sure theres no infection. I spray my boys with BluKote or gentled Iodine to help keep flies away.
    I do give all my goats the Manna Pro freechoice, it's available at all times and I've got a 6 yr old buck, a 3 yr old buck and a 2 yr old wether, never had a problem with UC even before I knew of it's occurrance....UC is not just a dietary thing, it's also something that can be genetic. Overfeeding of an unbalanced grain with males is the main culprit, watch their grain intake and give just enough to help their growing bodies, with my pygmy/nigi kids I start them on sharing mom's ration, then at around 5 weeks they get 1/4-1/2 cup twice a day, once weaned I suggest to new owners that they get 3/4-1 cup am and pm til they are a year old then cut back a bit. Good freechoice hay and browse also helps to keep the body in balance...and helps babies grow.

    At 2 months old, it's possible for them to have an accidental breeding but with my mini does, the earliest I've seen a first heat is 3 months old...I would definately be watching the little doe with the other 2 bucklings...them being a larger mix would not be a good outcome for her IF they did manage an accidental breeding. Best thing to do would be to keep the 2 pygmy kids together away from the 2 rescue kids until you can get them wethered.

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    AWWWW, what adorable goats you have there.

    Now as for him mounting the other one. How old is he and how long has he been banded?

    Congratulations on the new additions
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    Thanks! They are verrry cute, i love them! but pip and estella are actually a little skittish! i dont think the breeder spent much time cuddleing them, like i do. Estella especially doesnt like being touched much, but its getting better. theyve learned that i am the provider of treats. :greengrin:
    Well pip and estella are a tad fat as it is, so I'm sure not overfeeding. They get about a cup.. morning and evening, and stay in the barn overnight so they dont get tons of greens and also because i cant keep my eye on them overnight so it keeps them separate from the big boys.

    I have not seen the bigger males try to mount estella. but if i started seeing it, theyd be on complete separate sides of the farm so we dont have that pregnancy, thatd be a disaster.

    Pip is about 2 months old and im not possitive how long hes been banded, the breeder did it and told us they hadnt fallen off yet, but should soon.
    How do you detect heat in goats? I know how horses are about it.. but i dont know if estella would be in heat or if pip is just naughty...