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    Well jsut sittign ehre board a bit and desided to brang about the other side of me that is my native side. For the people that do not know I am Half native american. And I am also a drummer in a native american drumming circle. It is one of my other passions in life. Besides Goats, Animals and anything artistic. One of these days I will get my websight up and running to sell my native american jewerly.

    My native name is Coyote's Laughter. I am almost always smilen and a big goofie IRL. I wanted to show you the other part of me.

    Use starten the drum. I am the one with the orange head scarf on.


    We do get itno drumming and singing

    Another one of us drumming. We get solost we do nto knwo what is going on around us.

    This is me and someoen who I feel is a sister to me in everything but blood. Her name is Pam (Blushing Turtle) and also Skyler in the background. And if youa re wodnering my t-shirt says "It's funny that you think I am listening".

    This is a picture of the tribe that was there for the meeting. Yes we are a bunch of big goofs and you just got to love us. This is my family in more ways then one.
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    thank you for sharing that with us...... :hug:
    I notice some of the beautiful tribal art in the back ground... :wink:

    Looks like you all have alot of fun..... :thumbup:
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    Thats really neat, thanks for sharing :) :thumb:
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    Ann, it's great that you take pride in your heritage enough to be so involved in the Native American ways.

    I know that I have a bit of Indian in my blood a good ways back in my lines, not sure which tribe though.
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    That is the hom eof one of our elders and his wife. We ahve meetings there. I have a few more pictures of how crazy we actuly get. I love my family and you all even though i have nto meet hardly any of you are my family as well. Because of all the stuff it seems we ahve gone though in just the past month. I think alot of the help you all gave me with Tasha is one of th emain reason I was able to get her to pull though and now her beign a active almost completely healthey goat. She is now almost keeping up with her fellow herd mates and the only thing we are over comen is her back leg are still bowed in. Dose nto really matter anymore. She is my baby and I will love her just the same.
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    ann, that is just too cool! I don't know about the others, but I would love to see your other pictures. Laughing Coyote? That's cool, how do they decide on names for people.. by their personality?
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    My animal totem is coyote and I am always smilen and laughing. So I recieved the name of Coyote's Laughter
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    Thanks for sharing, and it's interesting to know what others do that is special to them. Yes a wonderful group and great pics!
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    Anyhow - it's cool that yall do that. Looks like yall are having a blast for sure!

    My pepaw was Indian - his mother fullblooded Mohawk - there's lots into her story and where she stood with, apparantly she and her immediate family held roles of...importance and honor, but never pried or should I say tried to learn more than that.

    He and his gave some of the grandchildren names and animals - said they were our protectors (to keep it simple enough) and were who we were?!. My sisters animal was a deer and her name had something to do with it - being mean growing up I called her P'ing deer and said she got the deer b/c she was so flighty --- Pepaw didn't like it and tried to explain but we were young and I didn't quite...get --- but when I was born - he laughed and said I was white and always called me Calamity Kate --- but he did match me with a "protector" --- never really looked into everything or tried to understand it more than that even though I knew it had more to it, but took it for face value and went on... Regret it now as the months leading up to his death when he was on the hospital bed he said he was okay because the "wolves" weren't there yet and his "protectors" were wolves. He told my Nan the day he died it was "okay" and he was "ready to go" - his "wolves" were there...the grey wolf...

    I'm glad you embrace what you are - it suits you. You look like you're having fun and it's important to stay in touch with what makes I've always shrugged myself as a Heinz 57 and went's great to know not only where you're going in life as well as where you are but also to know where you and yours have been...

    Keep it up - enjoy - loved the pictures!